im twins with myself

Im laying in bed and just came on tumblr for a second. I started to look down my dash and seen my icon. 

I was literally laying exactly like that while I looking at it. 

hand, headphones, tilt, laying, ect.





This is called humanity

This is beautiful

Save the ones who can’t save themselves

untitled by Anastasia Rein on Flickr.

Island Passage by EliasHobbs on Flickr.


The best proof that the State has replaced God is that no one notices when you declare God doesn’t exist, but friendships are ruined if you say you don’t “support the troops.”

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There’s Been a Huge Burst of Earthquakes in a Part of Ohio That Has Never Had Them
“Last month, the state of Ohio shut down Hilcorp Energy’s major fracking operation near the Pennsylvania border after five earthquakes occurred over the course of two days, including one that reached magnitude 3. No earthquakes had ever been reported in the area, located near the Carbon Limestone Landfill in Poland, Ohio.
Now, scientists say they have evidence that links the quakes directly to Hilcorp Energy’s fracking operations. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources claimed in a statement that their scientists “believe the sand and water injected into the well during the hydraulic fracturing process may have increased pressure on an unknown microfault in the area,” and have taken immediate action to shut down seven wells. The department has issued new requirements that wells drilling within three miles of a known underground geologic fault line or any location with a measured 2.0 magnitude or greater seismic event since 1999 be equipped with seismic monitors.”
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Dolomite Mountains in the Morning Light | Hans Kruse

Sunset at the lighthouse (by Richard Larssen)

The only reason I ever moved towards being an athiest, a vegan, and a anarchist, is because people who weren’t rude explained concepts. Only then did I dig information for myself. 

How many people look at veganism and try to learn about the reasoning after a vegan is angry and bitches at them about it?

How many christians/theists for the same reactions?

How many statists?

Few and far between, especially in comparision to those who kept an open mind to those who explained and conversed with some respect.

Respect goes a long way.

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